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In October 2002, I saw a flier in my local library about a book signing for Beverly Jenkins. I immediately put that on my calendar. Beverly Jenkins became the first of my favorite authors whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Little did I know I would also meet a group of women who would become my second family. The Sistahs of Color Reading Group hosted the book signing. Being an avid reader, I had always wanted to join a book club. I felt like I had struck gold that day – autographed Beverly Jenkins books in my hands and membership to a book club. Through the Sistahs of Color, I heard about Romance Slam Jam(RSJ).  Looking at the information flier, I knew I had to attend.

In 2005, I attended my first Romance Slam Jam. I fell in love with this conference. It was an avid romance reader’s dream (and I am a proud-shout-it-from-the-rooftop avid romance reader). Everywhere I looked there was an author whose work I love and devour from page one to end: Brenda Jackson, Beverly Jenkins, Kim Louise, Alice Wootson, Marilyn Tyner, Jacqueline Thomas and so many others. Each and every one was just as loving as the stories they write. Not only were the authors friendly, but everyone I met was warm and welcoming. I felt as if I were meeting long lost family members – kindred spirits. To this day, I have close friends who emerged from my first Romance Slam Jam experience. I realized during those 4 days that Romance Slam Jam is much like a family reunion for romance readers. If you are a lover of the AA romance genre, RSJ is something you must attend. My only warning is once you have attended one conference, you will become hooked.

In 2012, I have the pleasure of celebrating two special occasions. The Sistahs of Color Reading Group will celebrate our 10th anniversary and we are honored to host the 17th annual Romance Slam Jam conference. We are working hard to plan 2012 RSJ to make it an experience you won’t forget.  Keeping with the spirit and tradition of Romance Slam Jam, we want you to leave Little Rock, Arkansas ready for the next one.

Join us in next year for Romance in The Rock.

Claritta Stinson, Host Book Club Chair
Romance Slam Jam 2012 – “Romance in The Rock
April 11-15, 2012 Little Rock, Arkansas

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  1. Looking forward to RSJ 2012….Pyramid Art, Books & Custom Framing….RSJ 2012 Bookseller..Independant Bookseller since 1988!

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