Passing of a Black Romance Pioneer

Gwynne ForsterHello Everyone,

It’s with great sadness that I share that we’ve lost another of our Black Romance Pioneers and a wonderful woman. Gwynne Forster (Gwendolyn Acsadi) passed Friday, January 16, 2015.

Memorial service is Saturday, January 24, 2015 11:00 am at the Good Shepherd Church in Roosevelt Island, New York. The family invites everyone to the service for a celebration of her life and remembrance of her sweet, kind soul. Please keep the family in your prayers and hearts.


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Romance Slam Jam News – January


Not even three months left until our 20 year anniversary! Oh yeah, it’s reunion time, Romance Slam Jam Style! I’m almost too excited to type. LOL.

Seriously though, Slam Jam plans are coming along nicely. It’s a family reunion, so we wanted to add more “family” activities. One of those is taking game night to a whole new level with fun and games every day:

  • May the Best Man Win (Game Host: Pat Simmons)
  • Name that Novel (Game Host: Lutishia Lovely)
  • Romancing Family Feud (Game Hosts: Sharon C. Cooper & Lauren Kelley)
  • Name that Hero (Game Host: Angie Daniels)
  • And did I mention the scavenger hunt?

LET’S TALK BOOKS! Five Romance Slam Jam Family Book Clubs have stepped up to the plate to host Book Discussions during our twenty year anniversary. Get your copies TODAY!

The RSJ Authors are each planning something special for the reader sessions. You are in for a TREAT!

Romance Slam Jam 2015 Dress Code
We’ve never had a dress code outside of dressing your best for the Emma Banquet, and that hasn’t changed. BUT for our RSJ Reunion, we would like you to participate in the theme days.

Throwback Thursday (26 March): Wear a T-Shirt from any of the past Slam Jams. Those of you who do will be entered into a drawing for a little something, something to be awarded at the Chocolate Delight Welcome Reception!

Friday Shout Out! (27 March): It’s time to represent your book club/reading group. Do you all have matching T-shirts or some other outfit to show your group’s pride? Be sure to wear it on Friday! Those of you who do will be entered into a drawing for a little something, something to be awarded at the Pep Rally! There will be other prizes given at the Pep rally also for showing your RSJ Spirit!

Saturday We Are Family (28 March): Break our your RSJ 2015 T-shirt and let’s show the world we are family! It’s a Slam Jam Reunion, y’all! Those of you who do will be entered into a drawing for a little something, something to be awarded at the Emma Banquet!

Emma Awards (28 March Evening): It’s time to celebrate the best in Black Romance! Be sure to dress your best!

Emma Awards
Thank YOU to those of you who made nominations for the Emma Awards! You help make the awards a success. The judging panels will receive their category reads in the next month.

The categories of Cover, Debut and Author of the year are selected by popular vote. The ballots will be sent out in February. Same rules apply, you must have attended any Slam Jam since 2008 and/or be registered for the current Slam Jam. GOOD LUCK to the 2015 Emma Finalists!

Regular conference registration started 3 January. Romance Slam Jam registration fee is lower than comparable conferences and we’ll do our best to keep it that way. Remember, when registering as a group of five or more members, you pay a reduced registration fee. Please get your registration in ASAP. T-shirts need to be ordered, and we’d like to get the proper sizes.

That’s it for now! Please keep RSJ Family member Gwynne Forster in your prayers.

Up next we have our  Host Check In and two of our authors have a little something to say!

See you in Dallas!

Much Joy Peace and Love

Deatri King-Bey

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Host Check In


It’s me again, checking in from the Lone Star State! It’s January now! Wow, time is really flying! As we transition into the new year, I’m getting more excited about the RSJ in March. I live in Fort Worth, but Dallas is only a stone’s throw away, and I can’t wait to get back to the “Big D.” Growing up, I was always an avid reader and writer. I remember learning about the Harlem Renaissance in high school and wishing I could’ve been around to experience the sights and sounds of the Cotton Club or one of those smoky jazz locales where Langston Hughes recited his poetry. My fascination with that movement continued all the way through college, and I’m happy to say I finally did get to experience a creative paradise like the Harlem Renaissance when I began to visit Dallas.

When you arrive for the RSJ, you should take time to visit Deep Ellum in east Dallas. That is one of the most creative places I’ve ever visited. It’s filled with arts and entertainment venues where some of the best performers in the country gather to hone their skills and perform for lively crowds. The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens is another beautiful attraction you should definitely check out. I promise, you’ll feel like you’ve entered the Garden of Eden. Of course the Dallas Zoo is one of the best in the country. And if you’re a JFK history buff, the Texas School Book Depository is still open for tours. The Big D is also home to the Dallas Museum of Art (another must-see) as well as the Dallas World Aquarium.

No matter what your interests are, I’m betting you’ll get your fill of fun and excitement in Dallas. Can’t wait till you get here!

Keith Thomas Walker

BRICK HOUSE 2 on sale now!
Visit The Master of Romantic Suspense and Urban Fiction at

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RSJ Family Book Club Book Discussions by Regina Hart

Family, get your read on. The Romance Slam Jam Family Book Club Book Discussions will debut during our 20-year anniversary Romance Slam Jam March 26-28, 2015, in Dallas. Five book clubs will host discussions on:

    • Going Home by Evelyn Palfrey
    • Harmony Cabins by Regina Hart (aka Patricia Sargeant)
    • Hero by Deatri King-Bey
    • Secret Silver Night by Zuri Day
    • Scandalous Heroes Anthology

Harmony CabinsIf you’re considering participating in the Harmony Cabins discussion, please note that, during the month of January 2015, the ebook versions of Harmony Cabins as well as Trinity Falls will be discounted at Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Google and Apple stores. From Jan. 1 to Jan. 31, Harmony Cabins will be available for $2.99 and Trinity Falls will be $1.99. If you haven’t read Harmony Cabins yet, please take advantage of these budget-friendly prices.

Regina Hart, WISHING LAKE, Available February 2015
Patricia Sergeant, HEATED RIVALRY, Available now |

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Love Changes by Eartha Watts-Hicks

LoveChangesIn May of 2013, I self-published my debut novel Love Changes. Love Changes is the tale of a single mother who is eager to marry, despite the fact that she has yet learned to love herself. This novel weaves popular music from the 80s and 90s with prose. It took me eight years to write and another 4 years to acquire the permission of the publishing admins for Sean P. Diddy Combs and Mary J. Blige for features songs lyrics. At a pivotal point in the tale, this angst, personal issues, and postpartum depression leads the protagonist to consider suicide.

So far, Love Changes was named the New York Amsterdam News’s Recommended Summer Read for 2013. Love Changes is also 2013 winner of the Just R.E.A.D. Award in fiction from NYCHA/NAACP. Love Changes is available on,,,, NYU Bookstore, Sisters Uptown Bookstore, select Barnes & Noble locations, The New York Public Library System, and is also available in Kindle. I was featured in the New York Amsterdam News, FAN Magazine, January Magazine, Harlem World Magazine, NAACP Radio, and both the Work It Out and Mothership Connection Shows on Time Warner Cable Television Channel 57. I have also served as a panelist for the WRITE IT DOWN panel at the Author’s Pavilion of this year’s Congressional Black Caucus.

Read the first three chapters!

Eartha Watts-Hicks

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Congratulations 2015 Emma Award Finalists!

Named after the co-founder of the Romance Slam Jam Conference, the Emma Awards is THE premier awards event for readers and authors of Black romance.

Cover of the Year
Her Perfect Candidate by Candace Shaw
Hero by Deatri King-Bey
Shifter’s Claim by A.C. Arthur
The Preacher’s Promise by Piper Huguley
Inspirational Romance of the Year
For Keeps by Deatri King-Bey
No Easy Catch by Pat Simmons
Unbreak My Heart by Rhonda McKnight
Your Love is King by Adrienne Thompson
Interracial Romance of the Year
All You’ll Ever Need by Sharon C. Cooper
Love Through Pain by Ancelli
Taken by Koko Brown
The Impossible Possible by Deatri King-Bey
Sequel of the Year
Harmony Cabins by Regina Hart
If Only for Tonight by Sherelle Green
Shifter’s Claim by A.C. Arthur
The Book of Joshua II by Iris Bolling
Suspense of the Year
Hero by Deatri King-Bey
Sinergy by Iris Bolling
The Book of Joshua II by Iris Bolling
Truth or Consequences by Sharon C. Cooper
Steamy Romance of the Year
Bad Boy Seduction By Zuri Day
Hero by Deatri King-Bey
Indulge Me Tonight by AlTonya Washington
Licorice Whips by Bridget Midway
Hero of the Year
Brock Brick Avery: Brick House by Keith Thomas Walker
Joshua Lassiter: The Book of Joshua II by Iris Bolling
Malachi Armstrong: Hero by Deatri King-Bey
Troy Morgan: Bad Boy Seduction by Zuri Day
Heroine of the Year
Amber Nicholas: Hero by Deatri King-Bey
Korah Stewart: Brick House by Keith Thomas Walker
Monique Slater: Secret Silver Nights by Zuri Day
Rochelle Delaney ‘ROC’: The Book of Joshua II by Iris Bolling
Book of the Year
Bad Boy Seduction by Zuri Day
Craving Temptation by Deborah Fletcher Mello
Hero by Deatri King-Bey
The Book of Joshua II by Iris Bolling
Debut Author of the Year
Piper Huguley
Sheryl Lister
Spirit Award
Edwina Putney
Priscilla Johnson
Sharon Blount & Building Relationships Around Books
Toni Bonita
Author of the Year
A.C. Arthur
Farrah Rochon
Iris Bolling
Zuri Day




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Book Discussions RSJ Style!

Five Romance Slam Jam Family Book Clubs have stepped up to the plate to host Book Discussions during our twenty year anniversary Slam Jam this coming March. This is only one of the small additions to the conference. Haven’t registered yet? Wha’cha waiting for? Register today!

Romance Slam Jam Book Discussions


Please read and be ready to discuss the following titles with the authors and your RSJ Family at RSJ 2015!

Going Home by Evelyn Palfrey (Facilitator Renee Spivey – Readers Who Enjoy Black Romance Books)

Faith without works . . .
Thalia Allen has lost her mind. At least that’s what her granddaughter thinks. And what her friends think. Sometimes, she thinks so, too. How could she have invited a homeless man to move into her home?

During her thirty-year career, sometimes only her dream of retirement and travelling the world kept her sane. That dream was dashed only months into her retirement, when she assumed custody of teenaged, and wild, Mishay. Two years later, they have settled into a routine of constant school and church activities.

Hurricane Katrina blew into New Orleans. Then, the levees broke, flooding the city. As its disbelieving residents suffered unspeakable horror, the rest of the nation watched the government’s impotent response. Thousands of Americans gave aid and comfort in ways big and small. More than 4,000 evacuees found shelter in the Austin Convention Center. At her pastor’s urging, Thalia volunteers at the shelter, dragging a reluctant Mishay along.

Joe Lambert just wants to go home. Living in a shelter and other people’s clothes has rubbed him raw. A proud man who works for what he wants, Joe refuses to accept hand-outs and pity. When Thalia offers him work, he jumps on it. But when she invites him to move into her home, even Joe wonders if she has lost her mind.

Purchase: Print, Kindle

Harmony Cabins Regina Hart (Facilitator Claritta Stinson – Sistahs of Color Reading Group)
After a series of shattering losses, all Jackson Sansbury wants is solitude. Hoping to escape his tiny hometown of Trinity Falls, Ohio, with its concerned neighbors and painful memories, he’s purchased a secluded cabin resort and thrown himself into renovating the property. He doesn’t expect any distractions–until an unlikely guest arrives–a woman who hasn’t roughed it a day in her life, yet whose fearlessness just might be contagious. . .

A successful songwriter, Los Angeles native Audra Lane has come to Harmony Cabins to recharge her creativity. She’s not looking for company, but she does need a guide–and she can’t help noticing the sexy, albeit grumpy, Jackson. Soon she discovers that this insightful, private man has more to teach her than how to hike and fish. And as Audra inspires Jackson to express his emotions, the two find themselves falling in love. But neither can hide in the woods forever–and when the past brings challenges, their newfound strengths will be put to the test. . .

Purchase: Print, Kindle, Nook & Print

Hero by Deatri King-Bey (Facilitator Donnie Robinson – Cilla’s Book Maniac)

Malachi Armstrong just overheard his ex-wife plotting his murder and is ready to strangle everyone involved. Malachi’s world is spiraling out of control when his good friend hires the Precious Jewels Security Agency to capture everyone involved in the plot. He knows the Precious Jewels are the best security agency around, but his only use for Amber Nicholas, the Precious Jewel assigned to protect him, is in his bed.

Amber knew she was in trouble the moment she read Malachi’s dossier. A hero in every sense of the word, her attraction to him was immediate. To protect Malachi, she must stay close to him. To protect her heart, she must stick to the business at hand, but he’s not making it easy.

Purchase: Print, Kindle, Nook

Secret Silver Night by Zuri Day (Facilitator Toni Bonita – Prominent Women of Color)

Will winning the race mean losing her love?

The third son of a powerful Northern California dynasty, Nico Drake has dreams of one day becoming governor of his state. First item on his agenda—beating his newest mayoral challenger. Ivy League dazzler Monique Slater is already swaying voters with her innovative ideas…and arousing an irresistible desire in the heart of her unattached opponent.

Monique has big plans for the small scenic town of Paradise Cove—plans that don’t include falling for her sexy political rival. Keeping their sizzling relationship under wraps while running against each other is a tightrope act. Now someone is trying to not only ruin Monique’s reputation, but also make sure Nico does not win the race. With both their futures on the line, can Nico convince Monique that there are no losers when it comes to love?

Purchase: Print, Kindle, Nook & Print

Scandalous Heroes  Anthology (Facilitator Bonita Thornton – Sista’s Thoughts from Coast to Coast Book Club)

Please note that each title in the anthology is now sold separately.

RALLENTI ~ Sienna Mynx
“One word. You must learn it, before we begin,” he traced his finger now across the outline of her lip. “Say it with me. Rallenti.” – Renaldo Cracchiolo

SEIGED BY RYM ~ Yvette Hines 
They picked the wrong warrior cat to abduct. Rym never liked being ordered about so when he discovers his freedom is weighed against his agreement to breed with Krysteena, he practically purrs at the chance to prove to the beauty who’s truly in charge and escape.

RAW EXPOSURE ~ Aliyah Burke
A wealthy playboy and a down-to-earth freelance photographer, will they ever see eye to eye?

VASLIY’S REVENGE ~ Latrivia Nelson 
Will changing everything in his life, give him new lust for it? And can he trust a woman who was the cause of his near death before?

DOUBLE TROUBLE- Men of 3X CONStruction~ Erosa Knowles
Blaine and Donald had no idea they have not one, but two sons from Belinda, the one woman who ever came between them. Seeing her again test family ties as they fight to rescue their son and reclaim the only woman they ever loved.

In1977 Vanessa is 12 years old and lives just out of reach of the projects that both scare and entice her. Scotty is learning something as well; that his path has not been laid out before him and that Everything isn’t necessarily Everything. This 2 part series begins in the 70s where it explores the music, the style, the ghetto and Pepper Pace’s own twist on life and love.

LAST CALL ~Bridget Midway 
When Tank tries to rekindle the relationship with Eminence, she has to wonder what’s important: her dream or her heart

Will they be able to find shelter in each other’s arms, or will the demons of both the past and the present keep them apart forever?

Tattooed Moon ~ Tiana Laveen
Julian Savant is a man on a mission. One day, his seemingly polar opposite walks through the door—intelligent and classy accountant, Milan Parker.

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A Romance Slam Jam Reunion

Romance Slam Jam 2015
March 26-28, 2015
Dallas, TX

Help celebrate TWENTY years of Black romance!

Register Today!

Reserve Your Hotel Room

Romance Slam Jam 2015

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